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I am the big dog wrongly given a bad reputation that is banned in many places.  I am the show dog proudly paraded in front of crowds. And I am the forgotten dog hoping for a forever home before being ‘humanely’ killed. I live a dog’s life that some humans think is all things good. I see a different world that is not always pretty. Within these pages humane treatment will be discussed from a dog’s point of view. The way we see your actions may surprise or perhaps even hurt you. Even in the world of good intentions what you consider humane and what we sometimes feel is quite opposite from your experience.

Stay with me through these pages as we look at all facets claimed by people to be best for us, their pets. You will find we put up with a lot simply because we want your love and to be treated with kindness. We love without reservation and in spite of often being mistreated beyond anything a person could bear.

The speaker will be the dog whose picture you see – Little Bits. She was one of the forgotten dogs. Through her eyes you will visit the lives of others. Make your own decision as to just how humane humans really are.